I’m walking through the souk in the heart of Marrakech, carrying a bag of oranges and mandarins. I’ve just passed the crossroads where the flower market ends and the joinery quarter begins. It’s early in the morning the air is laden with fragrances. First, a sense of oily zest from citrus fruits; followed by the always fascinating and seductive jasmine, gently embraced by a dry, vibrant, and warm cedarwood from the Atlas Mountains.
And then it is gone.


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My beard is the legacy of two men whom I’ve, unfortunately, never had the pleasure of meeting: Thor, my swedish grandpa and Mohammed, my moroccan grandfather. Two men from two different continents, completely unaware of each other's existence. Two impressive beards. Two strong identities.

I've had a beard as long as I can remember. Sometimes tall. Sometimes short. Sometimes just big and frizzy. I feel comfortable in my beard, it follows me wherever I go. To parties, in clients meeting, to my daughter's amusement. My beard is not just a fleeting attribute, it has become part of me. A large part of my identity, just as it was for grandpa and grandfather.

The philosophy behind Y–S.C.1 is about nurturing your identity. It is also about highlighting and utilizing the craftsmanship behind argan oil, and not falling for the temptation to distort it. Never speeding up the process, diluting, or cheat it. Which is challenging in a world where the authentic and slow have become increasingly difficult to take place.

Y–S.C.1 is proof that not everything needs to go fast. I’ve let the process take its time, no stressed decisions or tight time schedules. My friends have been my greatest asset. The product has taught me many things, but the greatest insight is that identity, friendship, and beard have much in common. You must cherish them tenderly to make them grow.

Ya-sin Chahimi
Founder and Creative Director


Q: What are the benefits of Y-S.C.1?
A: Y–S.C.1 prevents dandruff and reduces irritation from itching and dryness by moisturizing skin down to the follicle with nutrient-rich oils that replenish and soften your beard to give you an easy comb-through and luxurious texture. Besides, beards are a bit needy, so give a little and your beard will reward you with vigor and prosperous growth.

Q: How do I apply it?
A: Y–S.C.1 is a highly-dense, nutrient-rich oil so you only need a few drops. Start with a single drop in your hand, then another if necessary to gradually find the right amount for your beard. Massage the oil into beard when wet, this is when hair fibers are open to nourishment. If you like, apply a soft wax or pomade to style your beard and seal in the oil, or you can simply add a few drops for some shine when you want to look sharp.
Note! Do not put the pipette in your beard when applying. If you do, be sure to rinse it thoroughly before putting it back in the bottle.

Q: What's in the bottle?
A: 100% virgin argan oil, and few drops of our own fragrance.

Q: What is argan oil?
A: Argan oil's active ingredient does wonders! This exciting ingredient is incredibly rich in vitamins E and F, fatty acids, antioxidants, beta-carotene, sterols and phenolic compounds. The cell is stimulating and revitalizing, and among its abilities range from accelerated healing of skin to bringing order to frizzy hair.

Q: What does Y-S.C.1 smell like?
A: It's an old memory I have from the souk in Marrakech. A crossroad where the flower street ends and woodshop district begins, not far away from Serge Luten's house.

Q: Is the product tested on animals?
A: No. Though it can be argued that men are animals, they are at least willing test subjects and Ya-sin Chahimi personally tests each batch on his own beard.

Q: Can people with allergies use the oil?
A: We have tested the oil on people with eczema and allergies with very good results. But if you experience discomfort – stop immediately.

Q: If the oil is organic, it must have a best before date?
A: Right. The oil contains a large amount of vitamin E that keeps the oil fresh up to 12 month. The oil loves when it's dark and cool.

Q: Yet another beard oil?
A: As opposed to other beard oils Y–S.C.1 is a moisturizing and nourishing oil. Made from 100% pure argan oil and bottled fresh from argon seed pressings that are just a few days. We have chosen to maintain the raw material in its origin form in order to get it’s fullest benefits. Therefore, we have chosen not to process or include unnatural additives. Our only addition to this pure argan oil is a few drops of our own perfume to give Y–S.C.1 its unique fragrance.

Q: What about sustainability?
A: The Arganeraie Forest in Morocco where argan oil is harvested is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Over the last few years Morocco has developed their international trade which has enabled them to reinvest in the forest. It has led to a new growth and a steady increase of trees, and more important - more jobs - especially for the women.
The forest is controlled by the government and it only lets certified companies harvest the argan fruit. Our oil is harvested and produced by a women's cooperative with fair working conditions. To ensure highest possible quality, we always have representatives on site when the oil is developed. The oil is then sent to and assembled in Sweden.
Y-S.C.1 offers a 100% natural, organic and cold-pressed argan oil certified by ECOCERT and USDA Organic. Our beard oil is registered and meets the requirements that Sweden and the EU have set on cosmetic products.


Ya-sin Chahimi is an artist-driven lifestyle brand that nurturing your identity and creativity. We create high-end men’s grooming products for the contemporary and modern consumer with a conscious. A one drop magic experience for mind, body and soul.

Being beard enthusiasts we’ve grown quite attached to the men who buy our products. We love give tips and suggestions, answer questions regarding our production and manufacturing, as well as questions regarding our brand. Don't hesitate to contact us.

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